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Helping public sector leader-managers and teams to improve their effectiveness

As a client, you have secure, privileged access to certain content, resources, and tools that when used, support you in making the most out of coaching. 

To get started, please refer to the information detailed below…


Optimal Coaching Experience Checklist:

___  Complete the welcome packet forms (Profile, Discovery Starting Out, Personal Values, Primary Focus and Resources) prior to the first session so that we can be the most prepared before even beginning to coach. 

Click here to access your Profile Form. 
Click here to Access the Discovery Form.
Click here to access the Starting Out Form.
Click here to access the Personal Values Form.
Click here to access the Primary Focus Form.
Click here to access the Resources - Strengths and Unique Abilities Form.

___  Receive the automated appointment reminder with a link for the Coaching Preparation Form. Look for this in your inbox 24 hours prior to your session (Tip: whitelist my email address to be sure it is not marked as junk or spam).

___  Complete the Coaching Preparation Form one (1) day prior to your session [Click here to access the Form].

___  Show up on time, be present (no multitasking) and uphold commitments to the coaching schedule.

___  Receive & complete within 24 hours the Post Session Recap Form [Click here] to continue processing the material, curriculum and nuggets within the coaching session and to provide feedback and input after each coaching session.

___  Utilise the Client Log [Click here] at least once in-between each coaching session to post questions or celebrations.


___  Complete a Mid-Point Evaluation form [Click here].

___  Review goals, progress and accomplishments each month.

___  Complete a Post-Term Evaluation form [Click here]


___  Provide a Testimonial by answering a few simple questions on the Testimonial Form [Click here].

 On-Going Engagement:

  • Access to the Coaching Preparation Form – the day before each coaching appointment, you will receive an email reminder.  At the bottom of this reminder will be a link for you to access and complete the coaching preparation form.  
    • Benefit:  maximize the effectiveness of our time together.

  • Access to the Calendar – at any time you can review the calendar for upcoming appointments, and/or reschedule appointments.  I’ll be notified immediately if any changes are made to existing appointments, so help yourself if you need to change any appointment information.  
    • Benefit:  no email tag/phone tag to move appointment dates/times.

  • Update Forms – at anytime during our coaching process you can update your information on any of the forms within the system.  
    • Benefit – I, as your coach, will always have the latest information to fully support you in achieving your goals.

NOTE:  be sure to click on the “Save” buttons when you enter or update any information on the forms so the system captures your data.

Should you have any questions please contact me via email.